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月 – WIP 01

Here is a little project I’m working on for a few days now. It started from a “daily...
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Pepakura Adventures II

And now, something completely different!

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3D Total interview

Earlier this month, 3D Total team kindly asked me to answer an interview. A good opportunity to...
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January 2017 news

“Where are you? What do you do? Work overload? What about your projects? Any new WIP to...
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Particular fire

The results: 4 years ago, I posted a VFX video about a fire effect created with Particular. People...
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Xmas balls – Procedural texturing

In this tutorial I’ll show a quick way to create Xmas balls textures using built-in 3ds Max...
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Zbrush training – Week 1

Earlier this month I decided to improve some of my skills. It’s been a long time I was...
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Zbrush training – Week 1

Earlier this month I decided to improve some of my skills. It’s been a long time I was jealous of 3D artists being able to create 3D sculpts from a simple sphere in Zbrush. Each time I tried to model something from a dynamesh sphere it ended looking like an old... read more

Art Spotlight – Terra

In this article I come back on the creation of Terra and talk about the update work done in Substance Designer. Click the image to access the article. Dans cet Art Spotlight je reviens sur la création de Terra et sur le travail de mise à jour du modèle et des textures... read more

Oblivion Drone – 2016

I think we all understand this is a Sketchfab summer. Updated model of the drone I created for R.A Elliott project Oblivion: Resistance. Update: the model is now a Sketchfab Staff Pick. Je crois qu’on a tous compris que cet été sera un été Sketchfab. Mise à jour... read more

Making Of

Here it is, after a few days featured on 3Dtotal front page, the long awaited making of my last artwork. In this article I come back on the modelling process, using cloth modifiers to create folds, how I played hours and days in Substance designer to add details to... read more

Sketchfab models

After publishing my self portrait artwork on CG society I’ve been contacted by Sketchfab team asking if I’d be interested in joining their community. Good news, I was already a member since 2012 but never had the opportunity to upload interesting models... read more


3D Ninja

A  VFX wizard that slowly turned into a 3D ninja.


What's in the making

current projects I work on my spare time

Still image artwork about a melancholic and gothic scene.

Style: Cartoony and photorealistic

  • Modelling – Characters 35%
  • Modelling – Environment 25%
  • Texturing – Characters 25%
  • Texturing – Environment 12%
  • Hair&Fur 0%
  • Lighting 25%
  • Rendering 0%
  • Compositing 5%

Short animation project taking place in Zetman Manga universe.

Style: Manga and photorealistic

  • Modelling – Characters 50%
  • Modelling – Environment 25%
  • Texturing – Characters 12%
  • Texturing – Environment 20%
  • Hair&Fur 0%
  • Lighting 12%
  • Rendering 0%
  • Compositing 0%

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