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Koga/Alpha modeling started!

First his weapon, not sure about all the tiny parts shape or scale but it won’t matter with camera angles in final shots:

To model the head I used references images (mostly from tome 10), drew some splines to get the base volume and then started the poly edit phase:

During the process I rendered wires on geometry to see what I could improve in the topology, I hid weird vertex connections under hair part. Once changes have been done I moved on the eyelashes and eyebrows creation, I used Hair&Fur. Because of unexpected crashes (…) I decided to start working on the armor, I’ll come back on the eyebrows next week end:

Pieces near ears are here for the coming hair generation as collide geometry, Alpha coat will partially cover these parts.
As this character will talk, I modeled inner mouth objects:

Some great news I forgot to mention, the normal bump issue I had is gone! Zbrush decided to explode my UVs when I imported the model back in 3ds Max, I still can’t figure why as I never touched the UV merge option…

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