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Dr. Chanbelee – WIP 05

Dr. Chanbelee – WIP 05

A little post to show 2 preliminary Hair farm modelling/rendering test. I’ll certainly use this plugin to model and render my hairs now....
Dr. Chanbelee – WIP 04

Dr. Chanbelee – WIP 04

Diffuse pass rendered, actually my computer is rendering the normal pass for post processed specular and other effects. I had to start over the hair modelling because I wasn’t happy with the first result but even now I’m not really satisfied with what...
Dr.  Chanbelee – WIP 03

Dr. Chanbelee – WIP 03

Hairs tweaked, new hairs added, fur added, coat shader/map done, SSS shader/maps done, need to play with weights now. Light setup improved, still playing with it. Hairs rendering test time rise the time I had to wait when I worked on Alice, even with pHair shader :-/...
Dr.  Chanbelee – WIP 02

Dr. Chanbelee – WIP 02

Bye bye Nosferatu hair style. A good sleep and I’ll tweak these hairs, eylashes and eyebrows, work on texture and light setup....

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