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A few weeks ago I updated my online portfolio and I noticed I worked more on video and animation projects through the time, which is good but I felt working again on a still image gives more freedom, like I had when I worked on my Alice in Wonderland artwork a few years ago.

That’s the reason why, a few weeks ago, I designed a scene on paper starring two of the characters that will be part of my next short film.
I’m still adjusting the image composition but I already started the work on the details of some elements like the cloth.
One of the character wears a pair of Jikatabi. Back in 2012 I used Agisoft Photoscan to create a 3D model from a real pair of these boots to be used in “Christmas in Alsace – Episode II“. This time I modelled them from scratch inside 3ds Max and added details with hand painted displacement and bump maps.
Further deformations on the cloth part of these shoes will come from cloth simulation once the character will be posed.
Hairfarm is used to generate the fur on the inside part.

All I can say for now is the project will be available for large scale print, not only digital render and will include hair and fur characters and photo-realist elements.

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