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My friend Jentina was looking for a solution to model a hexagonal shaped object, so I look at the problematic with her and here is the solution I found:

 1/ Create a GeoSphere with Geodesic Base Type set on Icosa.

2/ Add a Turbosmooth modifier, Iterations set to 1.

3/ Convert the Geometry to and Editable Poly

4/ With the help of the Graphite modelling tool bar, on the Selection tab, choose the selection by Numeric, type a value of 5 and select “<” option, that way it will select all vertices that have less than 5 edges connected to them.
Then, invert the selection.

5/ Still in sub object mode “vertex” hold CTRL on the keyboard and click on “Edges”, it will select all edges connected to the selected vertices.

6/ Hold CTRL on the keyboard and click on Remove to remove unwanted edges and their vertices.

7/ Select all polygons, hit the menu icon next to “Inset”, choose “by polygon”, put the desired value.

8/ Leave the sub object selection and add a Mesh select modifier, choose polygon, it kept the selection history from the edit poly sub object mode.

9/ Add a Delete Mesh modifier.

10/ Add a Shell modifier and put whatever value you want for the final look of the sphere.

11/ Add a Turbosmooth modifier to get nice round holes in the sphere.

12/ That’s it. You can play with the number of segments in the shell modifier to get sharper edges on the holes.

Video resume of the process:

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