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More stability in that adjusted design and I could put the 2 PSeyes really close to my face when shooting on wide angle mode (The bars behind head connections will be cut).
No case for the cameras yet, I’ll have to design some to be 3D printed in a light material.
Rubbers did a great job for the last capture tests.
PSeyes are connected to USB 2 extensions (5 meters) to reach the computer.
Trackers has been added for eventual object tracking process.
The green trackers are glass balls

What about the results?

This is the rough data, no cleaned keyframes yet.
I didn’t get too much noisy positions on the 3D points as I had with webcams on earlier tests. I’m pretty happy with the results.

I also made an object tracking test on my head with a lighter helmet and that worked really nice!
That one is made from a plastic helmet (with a face shield I removed) you can find in DIY stores.

Here again I used flashy glass balls stuck on tracker paper bands.

On that test I used a facial performance captured separately, that explains why the real jaws don’t follow the low poly CG face motions.
Hairs are here because I’m a huge DBZ fan.

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