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With the speed of a snail I’m fighting Mental Ray bugs, I recently put “rope” on my Santa Claus wish list. I thought my normal bump problem was solved by going through Xnormal to create it from my displacement map but now I got that “seam-from-the-hell” problem in the lips area …



Instead of looking for a solution, because I love wasting time on problems like this, I just removed the normal bump map from the shader, the classic bump map makes a good job.
What have been done recently on the model: new detailed bump map, glossy map, reflection map, overall map all painted on the head in Zbrush, put in the SSS shader.

With all the time consuming problems I had, I finally came to that look for my Zetman, it will need some minor tweaks but it’s looking good so far for the shot he will appear.



I’m back on the close shots of the city, no more organic modelling or weird artefacts, only hard surface texturing, VFX tests, shooting references for a few days.

I should really hurry up that “small” project as I heard Zetman will be adapted in anime next year! (We’re all waiting to see how they’re going to adapt the 4th book)



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