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 (This post is only about the results from different camera positions and orientations on the helmet rig, skinning and 3D facial rig will come in a future post)For all these tests I used iPirecorder from iPisoft to capture videos at 640×480 25fps.

Test 01 – Using 1 camera

Shot with a GoPro HD Hero2. We clearly see the tracking works really nice as it’s only X and Y axis points tracking, but as my knowledge in rigging is very limited it makes the face looks really flat when it moves, I needed real 3D tracking. Skinning with BonesPro.

Test 02 – Using 2 webcams

Shot with 2 Logitech C 270 webcams. This time I get real 3D position on the trackers. The bad side is the frame dropping as the camera wasn’t good enough. That’s a really rough data test. I thought adding a 3rd camera would solve the noise on the Z axis but it failed. Another benefit over the GoPro setting, the 2 webcams are lighter than the GoPro + its battery.

Here is another test without dropped frames and with a (too) high keyframes cleaning and editing process. Skinning with Xrayblendskin.

Test 03 – Using 2 Ps eyes cameras

My friend suggested me to use Ps eyes because of the wonderful data flow from these cameras. I totally forget I had some of them when I was running iPisoft tests a while ago ^^, so I unmounted all the unwanted plastic and weights and put the cameras on my rig.
The good news:
– No dropped frames,
– Rectilinear lens, the cameras can be placed closer to the face = gravity center closer to the head = WIN.
The video test will be done after I made the camera plates and adjusted the rig.

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