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F5.3 1600 – iso 100
14mm F4.0 400 – iso 100
14mm F4.0 40 – iso 640
14mm F4.0 20 – iso 100
25mm F5.8 4 – iso 100
18mm F5.0 15 – iso 100
25mm F5.8 40 – iso 100
14mm F4.0 6 – iso 100
14mm F4.0 30″ – iso 100
14mm F4.0 60″ – iso 100

Well I was able to take good pictures with this GH1 and the kit lens 14-140mm. One thing I don’t like is the digital grain you can see in the night pictures.
All pictures (resized) are rough from the GH1 except the clouds, contrast was adjusted by curves in Photoshop. I really love the possibility to choose between different shooting format: 4:3, 3:2, 16:9 and 1:1, the focus assist in manual mode, choosing OUR white balance, MEGA O.I.S. stabilizer, articulated LCD… I love it. I’m waiting for my Canon FD adapter to have a little more fun.

Now, how the GH1 can handle visual effects? Here are 2 quick shaky matchmoving tests:

Shot at 14mm, 1280/720 50p AVCHD full manual. The result is quite good, even with little jello resulting from rolling shutter.
With stable footage, glide cam, steadycam it will be nicer.

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